See you tonight at Montgomery Inn!

Jillian and I will be signing An Uncomplicated Life tonight at 7, at the original Montgomery Inn. We had to cancel last night; storm KO’d the MI’s power. Jillian, who fashions herself an A-lister around here now, will be happy to tell you all about her wedding, which is a week from tomorrow. If I behave, she might even let me answer a few audience questions. The event is on the 2nd floor. Grab a bite and a book! Twenty dollars, cash or check. Terrific Father’s Day gift, whether you have a child with a disability or not.

JILLIAN’S THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “If you love someone, they’ll love you back.”

A FEW WORDS ON FATHERHOOD. . . The older I get, the more I appreciate what it means to be a dad. When we’re younger, with younger kids, we try to DO all we can, in all aspects of our lives. Now, it’s more about BEING all we can, to our kids. What I try to be for Jillian and her nearly 29-year-old brother Kelly, is available and engaged. An every day “how are you?” phone call. An encouraging text. Anything that lets them know my shoulder is always available.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you tonight.


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