Why I Wrote An Uncomplicated Life

I don’t like giving other parents advice, even when they ask. Raising children is entirely personal. There is no manual. As long as you’re loving and responsible, there is no “wrong” way. I don’t judge.

But part of the joy and satisfaction we’ve gotten from the book is the response we’ve gotten from parents who said An Uncomplicated Life has helped them in their own striving. Here’s a typical note:

I have an 11 year old daughter w/Ds and have fought (and will continue to fight) the inclusion battle. Thank you so much for sharing your story…it has inspired, encouraged, and strengthened my resolve!

Most of the correspondence comes from parents with very young children. Infants, toddlers, kids entering school for the first time.

When Jillian was born, Kerry and I took all the “helpful” literature given to us by well-meaning hospital people, and threw it in the trash. We had no interest in the lengthy catalog of Things Your Child With Down Syndrome Probably Won’t Do. All we wanted those first few terrifying days was some assurance that everything would be OK. That if we worked hard and never stopped fighting for Jillian, things would work out.

I think maybe this book helps folks see that. That it will be OK. In some fundamental and necessary ways, our kids with disabilities are far more of a blessing than we can ever possibly realize.

An Uncomplicated Life could be about the lives of any of our special-needs children. It just happens to be about my daughter. I hope reading the book encourages you, strengthens you and gives you hope.

Expect Don’t Accept.

Thanks for reading.



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