All you readers can’t be wrong!

Some recent reader reviews for An Uncomplicated Life:

The book is about life, unconditional love, heartbreak, overcoming challenges, making the best of the hand you are dealt, and breaking down preconceptions. It is also about pausing to savor an accomplishment instead of looking ahead to the next challenge. It is much more than a book by a local sportswriter about his daughter. It could be one of the best books you read this year and deserves to be on a national stage. You will be a better parent for having read the book. You will definitely be a better person for having read it…


The book is many things – a tragedy that rights itself, an uncomfortable truth-telling, a documentation of celebrated milestones always preceded by many steps backwards, a chronology of souls evolving, a love story, actually many love stories, a collection of inspirational moments sure to shift your thinking, a thoughtful perspective on the gifts of a 47th chromosome, and a book for which I grieved upon finishing the last page. I wanted more.


Paul Daugherty’s latest book, An Uncomplicated Life: A Fathers Memoir of His Exceptional Daughter, provides so many of those moments that define the joy of life itself. The story is not without moments of sadness, frustration, and even of anger, but the overall feelings that it left me with were joy, pride and hope!


The story of Jillian is beautifully written. It had me hanging on every word, wishing there was more, and wondering what’s next for this family. It humbled me as a mom and allowed me the chance to step back, reflect on my life, my family, my children, my parenting and realize that this is such an uncomplicated life that we often times complicate on our own. Thank you for this story. It will stay with me forever!


Just finished your book. Loved it! The next time I feel I am having a bad day, I will think of Jillian and her happiness.


A book worth reading. Things we take for granted and the basic necessities we need to be grateful for. I couldn’t help but turn the page after each page. Beautifully written.


“An Uncomplicated Life” should be read by every parent as it reaches out to the daily struggles of parents on so many levels. It will make you think of all the things you didn’t take the time to do with your child and wish you had. 


I am a moderately older, grizzled man but this book made my eyes sweat several times. A young woman I have never met has inspired me to live a more joy-filled life.


This is a wonderful, sincere and heartfelt memoir!!! Paul Daugherty holds nothing back with his emotions and dreams for his daughter and family… I have purchased this book for several of my best friends and kids...


I knew this book would be a good read. What I discovered instead was a GREAT read, with so much of his heart pouring out on every page. I’m a husband of almost 23 years and the father of 6 children and I learned or was reminded of so many things that I can be doing better as a father and husband every day.

Thank you, everyone. Expect. Don’t accept.



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