“Jillian never gives up”

Every once in awhile, I will post a reader review of my memoir about my daughter Jillian, born with Down syndrome. We’ve had 52 critiques on Amazon.com. 48 are 5-stars. Here’s the latest, from just yesterday, from one of Jillian’s former bosses at Northern Kentucky University. It speaks accurately, I think, of her spirit.

Thanks for reading Expect. Don’t accept.

on August 17, 2015
jillian bball
This might be the best book I have ever read! Having had the opportunity to get to know Jillian and become very good friends with her, I struggled reading this book without tearing up several times. I have known Jillian for about six years now and I was not aware of all the struggles that she faced growing up. The story about Jillian learning to ride her bike tells the story about the Jillian I know… She never gives up. She remains positive and is determined to get whatever task she has in front of her done.
There is never a bad day with Jillian around. Even after losing a close game she has a way to cheer you up. When recruits would come on their visits, she was the first one to greet them at the door and tell them all about herself, the team, and the university. Having worked side by side with her at Northern Kentucky, a day did not pass that she did not amaze and impress me.
I also had the opportunity to attend Jillian and Ryan’s wedding. This was the best wedding I’ve ever attended. When Jillian walked down the aisle the entrie crowd had tears of happiness pouring out. Like the book says, everyone has helped Jillian get to the point in her life where she is at, but Jillian has also helped each and every person shes met get to the point in their lives where they are at! This is a must read!

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