Recent reader reviews of An Uncomplicated Life

I’m gratified and humbled  by the book’s success, and by the kind words readers have offered on its behalf. I’m struck by those who have read it, who don”t have children with special needs. It suggests that people are understanding what Kerry and I have come to know: Raising kids is hard, no matter the situation. Raising a kid with a special need is just a different kind of hard.

Lessons and principles are all the same: Expect, don’t accept. See, don’t look. Allow your kids to fail, and learn from it. Allow them to define themselves. We raised Jillian the same way we raised Kelly, our typical son. Anyway, here are a few from the last couple weeks:

I’m better for having read it, and better for the small way that Jillian’s life touched me through your prose — Jason Reed

A great love story and lesson in perspective. Jillian is a great teacher and all who take the time to read this book will be the wiser — Mrs. Nelson, via Amazon.

I finished An Uncomplicated Life in two days. I couldn’t put it down. Jillian’s journey parallels my son’s journey in so many ways I was able to relate to. And Paul Daugherty’s writing is engaging and flows so beautifully. I love the way Paul and his wife Kerry gave Jillian the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. Many parents protect their children/adults with Down syndrome to their detriment. I love that you didn’t accept the “special” college programs! And allowing Jillian to be fully included in life with her relationship evolving to intimacy, and living together. I only wish the book had waited until the wedding! — Sandra McKelwee, via Amazon.



One thought on “Recent reader reviews of An Uncomplicated Life

  1. A beautifully written story, on so many levels. “Expect, don’t accept”! What a wonderful and funny tribute to your daughter! Parts of the book made my laugh, and then parts made me cry! I found myself cheering for Jillian in so many events in her life! Thank you for sharing your story! Definitely a must read.


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