Speaking engagements

Just a heads-up, as we approach the holiday season: Jillian, Kerry and I are available to speak to your group! Since the book’s release March 17, I’ve done corporate appearances for 125 and 350 and 500 people, several smaller appearances and even spoken to two local book clubs in the past two weeks. If a little inspiration and motivation interests you, give us a heads up. The best way is via my email: pdoc53@gmail.com

Here’s what we have booked right now:

9/27: Buddy Walk, suburban Detroit. (Kerry and Jillian, signing)

10/3: Our Daily Bread annual dinner, Cincinnati (Paul)

10/17: Books By The Banks, Cincinnati (Paul, Kerry, Jillian, signing)

10/31: Buddy Walk, Nashville,TN (P, K, J, signing)

11/7: Buckeye Book Fair, Wooster, OH (Paul, signing)

12/4: Holiday luncheon, Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati (Paul, signing)

Meantime, thanks for reading.

Expect. Don’t accept.


#downsyndrome #anuncomplicatedlife



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