An Uncomplicated Life: Born This Way

Did you see the first episode? What did you think?

I was delighted that any network would make a show about young adults with Down syndrome. A&E did it, and if the first show is any indication, did it well.

This is a reality show in the truest sense. The joys and fears these young adults own are no different. Their aspirations are typical. Which, of course, is the point. What’s different is, they don’t seem to harbor agendas or deal in guile or jealousy. They’re real people. Nice people. Whom you see is whom you get. Fantastic.

I was blown away by the  collective self awareness of the group, and by their abilities to express themselves. These are all high-functioning people, sure. That doesn’t diminish their insights. Megan, recently moved from Denver to Los Angeles, wants to be a movie producer. At one point, she and her mother sit on the beach and discuss Megan’s future. Mom is divorced and apparently has raised Megan by herself. On the beach, Megan makes it clear, in a sensitive way, that it is time for her to make her own way. It was a remarkably mature, adult conversation and reminded me of the talks Kerry and I had with Jillian.

The other young people on the show are similarly blessed and insightful.

The best thing about Born This Way is simply that it’s on the air. Familiarity eases fear. These people are sensitive, smart and funny. Same as most of our kids with disabilities.

This is a national opportunity for folks to See our kids, rather than simply Look at them. Those who take the time to watch will have their eyes opened.image


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