An Uncomplicated Life: Some holiday cheer

all iPhone fotos 673Here are a few recent reviews of An Uncomplicated life, available at bookstores and on Amazon.
on December 9, 2015:
Someone once said, “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about,” and truer words could have not been spoken about this memoir. It is an exceptionally well written book that captures the raw emotion of a father (and his entire family) raising a child with special needs. It is an insightful look into their challenges and triumphs, and was thought-provoking, heartwarming and inspirational. Thank you, Paul, for sharing with the world how exceptional an uncomplicated life can be.
on December 3, 2015

A truly told story about a beautiful human being! Daugherty’s way with words will have you on an emotional roller coaster feeling as if you’re right there every step of the way. And to beat all…a happy ending! One GREAT experience!
on November 6, 2015


Incredibly inspiring book! Heart touching, thought provoking, eye opening, and absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this.

on November 22, 2015

A wonderful thought-provoking perspective. Heart-warming and inspirational. It captivates you right from the beginning. What a beautiful story about a happy family.

One thought on “An Uncomplicated Life: Some holiday cheer

  1. I met you very briefly at Ohio’s Buckeye Bookfair. There were so many good books there! As a retired school librarian, I still can’t resist the children’s books, which I now buy for my grandchildren. And I now have time to read adult books, too. Due to finances I decided to limit myself to one new adult book. I’m so glad I chose yours! It was so informative and fun to read about Jillian’s joy!
    Our small school system had one Down’s syndrome girl during my career. I’m proud to say that when her parents were going to put her in a “special” school, a friend of theirs, who taught kindergarten, encouraged them to enroll her in our public school system. She did quite well, although she often colored while I tried to teach the Dewey Decimal System. (Now nobody needs to know it.) and of course, laws have changed since Jillian went to public school. I retired the year after she began Junior High, so I’m not sure if she attends public high school. I so wish I could have read your book much sooner. Thank you!!

    Blinda Baxter

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