An Uncomplicated Life: Suggestions for the new year

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I do a bit of writing for The Mighty, an inspirational website for all who face challenges, physical and intellectual, and for those who love them. It’s a remarkable site, full of remarkable stories. If you’ve never visited, I recommend it highly. Here is my Author Page on the site:

Whenever I’m asked for my advice on raising a child with a disability, I end with this:

It only gets better. I promise.

And it does.

Jillian and Ryan are happily married since June, living without outside help in a two-bedroom townhouse. They go to work, pay bills, prepare meals, have Date Night. They live the same as the rest of us.

They aren’t special. At least no more than any of our kids are special. They’ve been given opportunity, and they have run with it.

The biggest thing we four parents have done for Jillian and Ryan is to allow them to define themselves. This isn’t remarkable, or shouldn’t be. It’s what we do for all our children.

Happy New Year, everyone. Thank you for reading.


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