Words of kindness from our readers



A kind word or two from reviewers on Amazon:


I picked this out for my wish list and received it as a Christmas gift with our daughter, Stella, set to arrive in February. This book gave me a rare look at the father’s perspective on raising a daughter with DS. I am grateful to have been able to read this as it adds to my hope and belief that life will be changed, but in many ways for the better. I especially enjoyed the concluding chapters, as I felt underlying sadness and challenges resolve into beauty and success, as Jillian and her family reached so many goals. This book is a great gift, as is Jillian.


One of the most sincere, moving, and upbuilding (and funny in places) books I have read in a long time. By the time I was nearing the end of it, I had begun to feel deprived simply because I have not had the privilege and joy of knowing Jillian.


A great read for all parents…not just those whose child has been born with a disability. Let your child define who he or she is going to be, not the so-called experts. Jillian’s story will bring tears to your eyes and then make you laugh. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.


A gratifying book about a very personal story. This is a beautiful and heartwarming story, but what makes it so special is how well written it is. Other reviewers have commented on the fact that the author hasn’t written it in a chronological order. But I found that made it so much more interesting. Events that occurred in the present could trigger thoughts of Jillian’s childhood and the author then filled that in. The book is very informative, but also thoroughly enjoyable.


Bought it for the cover and stay with it for the writing and for Jillian. Sorrow and glee both in one page. Gillian I love your life too!


Someone once said, “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about,” and truer words could have not been spoken about this memoir. It is an exceptionally well written book that captures the raw emotion of a father (and his entire family) raising a child with special needs. It is an insightful look into their challenges and triumphs, and was thought-provoking, heartwarming and inspirational. Thank you, Paul, for sharing with the world how exceptional an uncomplicated life can be.


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