The purpose behind An Uncomplicated Life



We’ve reached the 100-review mark on Amazon. We have 90 5-star reviews, and 7 4-stars. We have 2 1-stars… one was because the reader claimed she didnt get the book she ordered, so hadnt read it yet. The other must have thought one star was good. Loved it, she said.

Thank you.

I wrote the book for 2 reasons: Because people told me I should and, later, because I wanted parents and relatives of kids with disabilities to have something positive to reference, especially right after their special-needs kids are born.

The day Jillian was born — Oct.17, 1989, the day of the San Francisco earthquake — all Kerry and I wanted was for someone to tell us everything would be OK. That this child would be a blessing of a different kind, that she would teach us more than we would teach her, that she came by naturally several keys to life that lots of us struggle to attain.

Store shelves are full of self-help books and books of inspiration whose goals are to make us happier, better-adjusted people. If only everyone seeking such enlightenment could spend some time with our special-needs kids.

We wanted someone to tell us all that, on that first day.

No one did.

We got the hefty catalog of Won’t-Do’s instead.

I’m hoping An Uncomplicated Life has helped some of you navigate the pain and disappointment, and steered you toward the joy we found, and live to this day. Unlike most books on the subject, An Uncomplicated Life doesn’t end after a year or two or three. It ends with Jillian’s wedding. It only gets better. I promise.

If you have a minute, read a few of the reviews for An Uncomplicated Life. These aren’t critiques by professionals. They’re judgments made by folks living our lives.

Thank you for reading.

Expect, don’t accept.










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