A Gala at Gigi’s and a story from. . . the United Arab Emirates?


This is a story that appeared in The Khaleej Times, an English-language newspaper, last week, in the United Arab Emirates.

Over the weekend, Jillian and I were honored to speak at the Gigi’s Playhouse I Have a Voice Gala in Minneapolis. The Playhouse has over 20 locations in the US and one in Mexico, devoted exclusively to serving the academic and social needs of kids born with Down syndrome. Some 550 people attended, close to $100,000 was raised. Everyone loved the weekend,  no one more than Jillian, who rode every ride in the amusement park in the middle of the Mall of America. You read that right. Next time I go to an amusement park, I’m expecting a Cheesecake Factory and six different places to buy gym shoes.

Every place we speak, I am struck by one, eternal truth: Parents of newborns and small children want to hear about hope.The medical profession remains fixed on clinical and medical issues, while all but ignoring the human issues. Parents don’t want to be bluntly told all the things their children likely won’t do, especially immediately after what should be one of life’s greatest joys. More bedside manner, please.

Telling Jillian’s story never gets old, because hoping never does. Potential needn’t be burdened with warning labels. It needs to be nurtured. We’re grateful so many people have found a little of that in the pages of An Uncomplicated :Life.

Expect. Don’t accept.


PS… If your group or association is interested in having Jillian and me attend one of your functions, please contact my representative at American Program Bureau Inc.: pkreiter@apbspeakers.com

Or feel free to e-mail me at pdoc53@gmail.com

Keep up with Jillian here or on my FB page, pauldaughertywriter





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