This is what’s possible.

Three years ago today, Jillian and her boyfriend Ryan walked the graduation line at Northern Kentucky University. They were the first students born with Down syndrome to do so, as part of a pilot program that since has received national attention. Jillian didn’t graduate in the traditional sense, of course. She passed 30 credit hours in four years. What she did do, though, was learn how to get along in the world. A big reason everyone goes to college is to learn to become self-reliant. By the time  Jillian was a senior, she was taking four Metro buses to and from NKU every day. She works there now, full time. And she and Ryan have been married since last June. College helped each of them become a productive citizen of the world.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you what your child can and can’t do.

The sky’s the limit.

Thanks for reading.

Expect, don’t accept.



jillian and ryan grad


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